Rea Lindsey.

Late in the night.

The shadows of your voice linger. The echoes of your touch stay still. Dimensional dew against my skin As I wait for the day to finally break You from…
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. Jan 07, 2012
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. Aug 05, 2011

I missed you buzznet.

I want to come back to this. I really do miss being on here. Buzznet was a huge part of my life and I have…
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. Feb 21, 2011

We both go down together.

She is dressed in the street lamp lights. And she can tell by the way he tries not to stare, That it’s going to be hard…
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. Aug 10, 2010

Vermont pt.2

He stared at her, for what felt like enternity. She refused to return his stare, opting to look deeply into the patterns of the steering…
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. Jul 15, 2010


"If you don't fucking close your fucking eyes, I will stab you in the face," her voice was unusually high, meaning she was nervous. He…
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. Jul 12, 2010

I hold the sunshine.

Between the trees and in the blades of grass under our feet. We watch the clouds pass over our heads. The air is brisk, the wind coming…
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. Jul 04, 2010
Im an oompa loompa DOOPEEDEEDOOpic


We are young. And the summer calls to us. The sun shines in the middle of the sky, glaring off the water of the Marina. We are pretty. We put…
Rea Lindsey.
Rea Lindsey. May 16, 2010
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About Me:

I'm Rea Lindsey. I'm legal, happy, open, proud, fat, queer and feminist. I enjoy The Office, Say Anything, photography, journalism, history, literature, politics and of course, feminism. I'm all about taking pictures of myself, going to flea markets, ranting and musing about my opinions and learning anything. I'm terribly open about all the things I am supposed to be private about. I'm a Washingtonian and Hon. I'm going to try and stay on course this time, buzznet. I've missed you.


Photography, Say Anything, Writing, anderson cooper, animals, fat, fat people, fatshion, feminism, films, flowers, hats, history, law, politics, pro-choice, radio, reading, talk radio, the office, womanism, world history

Favorite Music:

5o4 Plan, A Day to Remember, A cursive Memory, Anthony Green, Anti-flag, August burns Red, Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Bayside, Beastie Boys, Beyonce, Bikini Kill, Black Flag, Blink 182, Breathe Carolina, Bring Me The Horizon, Chiodos, Circa Survive, Empires, Escape The Fate, Every Time I die, Ferras, Fleet Foxes, Fugazi, Gatsbys American Dream, Genesis, Gogol Bordello, Gym Class Heroes, Harry and the Potters, Joy Division, Kings of Leon, Mika, Minor Threat, Motion City Soundtrack, Motionless in White, No Doubt, Otep, Rancid, Remember Maine., Rise Against, Saosin, Say Anything, Scissor Sisters, Senses Fail, Sham 69, She and Him, Silverstein, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Almost, The Cab, The Killers, The Kooks, The Morning Light, The Rocket Summer, The Turtles, The Velvet Underground (and Nico), Thieves and Villains, Two Tongues, Underoath, Weatherbox, You me and everyone we know

Favorite TV Shows:

The office, the colbert report

Favorite Books:

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, A heart of darkness, A room with a view, Absolute Beginners, All quiet on the Western Front, Animal Farm, Anthem, As I lay Dying, Brave New World, Catch-22, Charlie Bone series, Crime and Punishment, Diary, Harry Potter, King Lear, Lolita, Perfect, Rainbow Boys, Romeo and Juliet, Scoop, Sister Carrie, Speak, Strangers on a train, The Boy with the thorn in his side, The Call of the Wild, The Heart is a lonely hunter, The Naked and the Dead, The Odyssey, The Perks of being a wallflower, The Rainbow, The Raven and other works by Edgar Allen Poe, The Sound and the fury, The bell jar, The day lincoln was shot, The orgin of species, The picture of Dorian Gray, There was a knock on the door..., To the Lighthouse, Tropic of Cancer, Ulysses, Women in Love, anything by Ray Bradbury, the Midnighters

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